Sex saunas in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia is a pretty conservative place. It’s not at the level of Saudi Arabia but there are rules against people changing religion or even drinking alcohol. Most Western visitors wouldn’t have to deal with any of that unless perhaps they would happen to hook up with a local Malay chick and try to take her to a bar or something.

Of course people are still people and like the birds and the bees they have a need to do the wild thing. It’s kinda funny that even in places with some of the strictest rules around you can find all sorts of naughty action going on. I guess you could break it down into three types in Malaysia and countries like it. First there’s the low end pay for play used by guys who don’t have much cash. We’re talking about back alley street walkers and hole in the wall brothels. Next you have the mid range sex scene. That’s where regular people get together and hook up. It mainly involves people who go along with the rules in public but want to have some fun behind closed doors. The poorest of the poor usually don’t get involved in this. Finally you have the high end and expensive pay for play stuff. This is the domain of guys with a lot of money or connections who don’t have the time or skills to do much hooking up so they use their power to get action. Now we’re talking about things like compensated dating, escorts and sex saunas. Foreigners visiting Malaysia usually get involved in this stuff but there is some spill over. There are also more open places like The Beach Club.

Malaysia sex massage

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia. It’s pretty modern and it represents the seat of power in Malaysia. The same rules apply in the city and the rest of the country but there is a little more going on behind the scenes. Probably part of this is to accommodate foreigners but the main driver has to be the large ethnic Chinese population who like their counterparts over in Singapore seem to be more into making money than following religions. I’m not trying to stamp them as greedy assholes. There are different kinds of people in every group you can come up with. But the point is that there is a more secular attitude among ethnic Chinese in Malaysia and that spreads to the kind of entertainment they get involved in. The culture and rules even reflect this. Ethnic Chinese in Kuala Lumpur can dress how they want and drink alcohol freely.

Although rules have been put in place to ensure that ethnic Malaysians dominate the country there are still many powerful and rich ethnic Chinese people especially in Kuala Lumpur. At least some of them are probably connected with the many sex saunas in the city. That’s my guess anyway. I don’t really know for sure. I’m just a guy trying to connect the dots.

No matter what the reason, there are definitely some sex saunas in Kuala Lumpur. I don’t think they are technically allowed to provide sex for money but it definitely goes on. It’s a public secret. People review the saunas online and talk about the activities freely.

I have heard of these places getting hit by law enforcement but it seems it is always limited to the cops checking all the women for proper identification and visas. Once in a while you’ll hear that a place was closed for a day and all the guys inside were asked to leave. I haven’t heard of any guys getting arrested for simply being in a sauna though I’m sure it could happen. It is after all a place where airplanes disappear from the sky.

The saunas of Kuala Lumpur are sorta like the saunas of Macau. They have a dozen or more women from various part of the world who offer full service massages to male customers. They might also have some bathing facilities, some food and a place to hang out. But that’s where the similarities end. These aren’t big lounges with all sorts of amenities. They’re mostly little underground places with lots of halls and rooms. When customers ask to see the women they come in one by one and introduce themselves. And all the fees usually have to be paid up front too.

The chicks at most Kuala Lumpur saunas are average looking. They come from China, Vietnam and sometimes Indonesia or even Malaysia or Mongolia. Once in a while there will be a stunner. Prices are usually no more than 300 Ringgit which at less than 100 US dollars is cheaper than Macau by a long shot. The rooms are like the rooms at oily massage parlors in Bangkok or maybe a little better. They have beds and showers and that’s about it.

Surprisingly a lot of the chicks in these saunas are pretty up beat and either love their work or know how to put on a good show. I think a lot of them come in on short visits and want to get the full buck for their bang, to literally turn a phrase.

Some saunas have been around for a long time. They are well known by people who like saunas. Examples are Green Elephant Executive Health Spa, Bond Spa (formerly Saboon Health Spa), Sky River Spa, Golden City Spa in the Radius International, and Deluxe Health Spa at the Federal Hotel. There are more around but I don’t know them all. I haven’t gone far off of the beaten path in Kuala Lumpur very often. When I have I headed quickly back toward it as I didn’t like what I saw.

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