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Moving up in the Japanese compensated dating world

Back in June I wrote about my first experience in the high end compensated dating world of Japan. My date with a standard class chick at Universe Club went so well that I decided to see what

Adventures in compensated dating in Japan

I wrote about compensated dating in Japan last year. At the time I mentioned a high end dating network called Universe Club. Months later I finally got the opportunity (and funds) to try it out. Using Universe

How to have sex with two sisters

I recently read that there are 25 year old biological twins working at Tokyo Hentai Club in Tokyo. According to the shop, the twins will actually work together when a customer books them both as a part

I took Levitra and got rock hard erections

Over a year ago I wrote about my attempt at taking Viagra. As I stated at the time it was a disaster that left me with nothing but a bloody nose and a bit of embarrassment. I

I took Viagra and all I got was a bloody nose

I had heard all the stories. Three hour erections, the ability to go all night long, a hard on that just wouldn’t quit. So I tried it. What I got for my troubles was pain and embarrassment.