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How to get a free date at Universe Club

If you read this website or others like it you probably know about Universe Club. Basically, they hook horny guys up with hot chicks in Japan for a fee. In a place like Japan where few people

Paradise: Gaijin-friendly soapland in Japan

When you really sit back and think about it, Japan is a pretty nice place despite the occasional earthquake or low flying missile. It’s a really safe and clean place where you can walk around at all

Moving up in the Japanese compensated dating world

Back in June I wrote about my first experience in the high end compensated dating world of Japan. My date with a standard class chick at Universe Club went so well that I decided to see what

Adventures in compensated dating in Japan

I wrote about compensated dating in Japan last year. At the time I mentioned a high end dating network called Universe Club. Months later I finally got the opportunity (and funds) to try it out. Using Universe

Compensated Dating in Japan

As you probably already know, Japan is filled with sex stores of all kinds. I’ve already told you about some of the types of places around the country like pink salons where women suck cock on demand

Oppai pubs in Tokyo

Tokyo is home all kinds of weird and wild sex stuff. The Japanese AV movies featuring mass bukakke and gokkun is only the tip of the iceberg. There are stores filled with all kinds of sex toys,

Where to buy Japanese sex toys

Japan has a giant prostitution industry that generates millions of dollars. The porn industry and affiliated sex toy industry are even bigger still. Who knows how many millions this generates? What I do know is that there