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Red-light districts in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a reputation around the world for being the home of all sorts of wild stuff. The story is that the Dutch city is filled with legal drugs and prostitutes. People who have never been there

Happy ending massage in Angeles City

As I’ve said in the past Angeles City is filled with go go bars loaded with chicks looking to get paid for sex. Because of that, and due to it being roughly in Southeast Asia, you might

How to date and have sex with Thai women

Time really flies. I wrote about dating and having sex with Filipinas more than two years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday though. I planned to write about Thai chicks in a similar way immediately

Sexy cafes in Vietnam

I started writing about Vietnam over two years ago. I can hardly believe it. Time flies when you’re screwing hot chicks all over the world I guess. I’ve covered everything from hostess bars to blowjob barbershops but

Fashion shows in Myanmar

Myanmar is a unique country. It’s named after the Burmese but a lot of other kinds of people live there. It’s in Southeast Asia but not much like the other ASEAN countries. Plus the guys wear skirts

Review of Goldentime Sauna in Vienna, Austria

Last month I wrote about the sex saunas in Austria. Getting that out of the way made room for me to review specific saunas in the country. I posted about Wellcum sauna in southern Austria last year

Sex saunas in Austria

I’ve already written about sex saunas in Macau and sex saunas in Malaysia. Europe has a lot of sex saunas of its own. The sex saunas of Austria are a lot like the sex saunas of Germany.