WeChat prostitutes in Ho Chi Minh City

The WeChat app is filled with prostitutes in Ho Chi Minh City. Any time you fire up the app and search for people nearby you will find tons of chicks near you looking to make some money.

The worst go go bar in Bangkok

I did a post on the five best go go bars in Bangkok here almost three years ago. Time flies and things change. A lot of go go bars have come and gone especially in Nana Plaza.

Paradise: Gaijin-friendly soapland in Japan

When you really sit back and think about it, Japan is a pretty nice place despite the occasional earthquake or low flying missile. It’s a really safe and clean place where you can walk around at all

Review of Dozo Massage in Bangkok, Thailand

Sukhumvit Soi 33 is loaded with Japanese businesses. It’s not like Little Tokyo or anything, but the street has everything from ramen restaurants to pink salons and even two soaplands. The signs aren’t in Japanese either but

Moving up in the Japanese compensated dating world

Back in June I wrote about my first experience in the high end compensated dating world of Japan. My date with a standard class chick at Universe Club went so well that I decided to see what

Red light districts in Prague

Last month I wrote about strip clubs in Prague. I’ve been focusing a lot on Asia so far, but I will be writing more about Europe and Latin America going forward. I’m still going to write about

Strip clubs in Prague

I still remember the first time I went to a strip club in America. I went with a group of guys. We were all nervous and excited. Fast forward several years and I couldn’t care less about