Walk up brothels in Germany

All the way back in 2014 I wrote a post about walk up brothels in Hong Kong. Today I am going to tell you about the walk up brothels in Germany. Prostitution is legal in Germany. It’s

Everything you need to know about whore support

I’m sure you already know about child support. That’s the money you pay to woman who takes care of your kid, at least in theory. In reality it can be anything from money you probably ought to

Blowjob bars on Soi 6 in Pattaya

Many years ago I wrote about the blowjob bars in Pattaya. After that I posted about the short time bars on Soi 6. Between the two posts there is some info on the blowjob bars of Soi

Fancy British cam girls mate?

There are sixty five million people in the UK. I don’t know how many of them are British. What I do know is that there are plenty of British babes showing their boobs and everything else to

Lame shit I’ve been seeing in Thai go go bars

Yesterday I wrote about the worst go go bar in Pattaya and now I’m on a roll. I don’t want to rant but I’ve been seeing some really lame shit in Thai go go bars lately. Today

The worst go go bar in Pattaya

Late last year I made a post about the worst go go bar in Bangkok. Even though that bar has some of the hottest chicks of any go go bar in the city dancing fully nude I

Freelance prostitutes in Yangon

Yangon isn’t the capital of Myanmar anymore but it’s still loaded with the most women. Lots of the ladeies are traditional, whatever that means. Things are changing though. You now see girls out on their own or

The craziest tattoos on bar girls in Pattaya

Last month I told you about the most interesting hostess bars in Phnom Penh. Now I’m going to tell you about the craziest tattoos on bar girls in Pattaya. In case it’s not clear, I’m talking about

Live chat with foxy MILFs

Mother’s Day passed by a few weeks ago. It brought some opportunities for horny guys that you might not have expected. For example, there was a set of Mother’s Day sales for guys like me that I

Canadian Amateur Cams eh?

Did you know that there were a lot of amateur chicks in Canada doing fully nude sex shows on camera on the side to make extra money? I sure didn’t, but now that I have found the